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Are you looking for education, done differently?

Every young person can achieve a purposeful future

We believe that school should be a pathway towards that future. 


But we know that mainstream education can’t always cater to the unique needs of every individual.

NG Central School exists for students who are looking for an alternative.

For education, done differently. 

Our school is designed for young people who need an innovative, flexible and personalised approach to learning. We offer a dynamic, enterprise learning environment that gives students a new perspective on what it means to have skills and knowledge.

Registered and accredited as a special assistance school with the NSW Education Standards Authority, we offer Years 9-12 along with a vocational qualification. In addition to this, we provide benevolent relief to students in need.

At NG Central, we make it our mission to think outside the box when it comes to teaching and learning so that students feel engaged, supported and like they belong.

At NG Central, we give our students a new

perspective on learning


"Finding NGC was such a relief - I wanted to come every single day and it really brought back my confidence.

I'm back to the person I'm happy to be.

— Kara, Student

Why choose NG Central?

  • You want to feel like you really belong. We believe that EVERYONE has something unique to offer and we accept you as you are.

  • You want to participate in practical learning that has a real life application. We offer industry-standard vocational pathways and tons of hands-on activities.

  • You want stronger support in the classroom. We have small class sizes so that you can get more individual attention and help. Plus, you're on a first-name basis with your teachers and there are no school bells, assemblies and uniforms in sight!

  • You want a new direction and fresh perspective on your education. We empower you to make your own choices, nurture your talents and tread your own path. 

  • You want support to overcome the social, financial and/or academic challenges that have been limiting your potential and affecting your ability to engage with your education. If this applies to you, NG Central is able to provide benevolent relief and a range of additional supports that specifically target social, financial and academic disadvantage. 

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