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Meet Roy - NGC Student Spotlight

Roy was motivated to change schools because he found a traditional classroom environment challenging. With too many people and not enough one-on-one time, Roy was getting overwhelmed. But now that he’s at NG Central, he’s been making the most of the smaller class sizes and individualised support. From learning about social and political ideologies in History to exploring endangered species and eco-systems in Geography, Roy is highly engaged in the classroom.

But it’s not just about academic achievement for Roy. He’s a natural in the construction workshop, having being taught woodwork by his grandfather from a very young age. He’s taken his talent to new heights, crafting chairs and even a table, complete with a clear perspex top and glazing. Roy has also completed his white card qualification with NG Central.

“I’ve always loved woodwork and been handy with tools - I got a Toma Hawk for my 9th birthday! Our vocational classes are a lot different from mainstream stuff, they’ll let you pick what you want to work on and I love having my own independent projects. With my white card, I can now work on any site across Australia."

As an Aboriginal student, Roy has also participated in a range of cultural affirmation activities, including the Dream Builders program with Indigenous organisation Bara Barang. They’ve focused on work-readiness and employment goals, as well as learning more about ancestry and culture. Roy thinks it’s been great connecting with Aboriginal role models.

At 16 years old, Roy’s got a lot of learning ahead of him. He’s already excited to sign up for an apprenticeship, in order to achieve his goal of working in landscaping. Roy’s been able to participate in our Horticulture vocational taster and loves being able to get outdoors in the garden and roll up his sleeves with some physical, practical work.


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