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Meet Sharnae - NGC Student Spotlight

Year 10 student Sharnae has an infectious energy about her. As a born performer and a hair stylist extraordinaire, we love seeing her talents shine at NG Central.

Sharnae didn’t feel like she had the opportunity to reach her full potential at her previous school. Experiences with bullying took their toll, dampening her enthusiasm for school. And as one in a large class, she couldn’t access the individual help she needed to stay engaged.

After coming to NG Central at the start of Year 9, Sharnae recovered her passion for learning, thanks to intensive support inside and outside the classroom.

“When you’re struggling with the academic and social side of school, you just shut down. I was missing a lot of days because of that. But when I came to NGC, I started attending every single day. Everyone is so supportive and you don’t ever feel judged, it’s like a big family. And if you need help, teachers sit down with you one-on-one, for as long as you need until you understand the concept.”

Sharnae has definitely made her mark on NGC since arriving last year. She’s a natural performer with a lifelong passion for singing, experience in busking and an ambition to get into music producing after school. That’s been a big driver behind our school starting regular music classes - otherwise known as Tuesday Jam Sessions!

“I’ve loved singing ever since I was little. I’ve been involved in Koori Radio for a long time and had many great opportunities to sing and produce music. It’s been so fun doing this at NGC, we have people on piano and drums and even our teachers Mick and Rick can play electric and acoustic guitar with us students. A big highlight for me was singing at Presentation Day last year - I started off nervous but everyone was so supportive."

With 3+ years experience working casually as a hairstylist, Sharnae is also right at home in our onsite beauty salon and regularly shows off her skills in box braiding, dreadlocks and cornrows. Cultural and provincial hairdressing is definitely something she sees herself pursuing for many years to come. Sharnae is currently completing her vocational training in Retail every Wednesday, which is an excellent fit for her bubbly personality.

When asked about what makes NGC different, Sharnae thinks there's more than education on offer. As a proud young Aboriginal woman, she acknowledges how difference and diversity is truly celebrated at NG Central.

Sharnae is also quick to mention our school Student Enrichment Team, who are always on hand for a chat and emotional, educational, cultural, spiritual and practical help. This enables her to focus her very best efforts on her studies and achieving her potential.

“School is my happy, safe place and it takes me away from all of life’s stresses. Ngaruki Gulgul means 'Standing Strong’ in Darkinjung language and to me, that means always bringing yourself up and never letting yourself stay at a low point.

People here are always going to support you; even if you don’t know each other really well, they still always have your back. To anyone considering NGC, I would say just do it because it’s an absolutely amazing school."


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