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Meet Josh - NGC Student Spotlight

Josh is the kind of guy who can fix anything. An absolute gun at all things automotive, he’s practical, innovative and quick on his feet.

He’s about to kick off Year 11 at NG Central and has the goal of graduating through a HSC pathway…a feat he didn’t previously think possible. When asked about his previous school experience, Josh found it pretty challenging.

“With so many kids in the classroom, teachers couldn’t really get around to you that quickly. They focused a lot on the top graded kids. When you find it hard to concentrate and aren’t really understanding, you end up mucking up.”

But once he came to NG Central, Josh experienced a practical, enterprise learning environment that completely suited him. With hands-on activities and a strong focus on vocational training, he has been applying himself with great success.

“They work with kids a lot better here cause the classes are smaller and teachers can get around to helping you. And if you’re having trouble with life, they can support you with that too. They’re always there for you if you need it.”

There’s no question that Josh excels most at Automotive. As part of his weekly vocational training, he’s getting hands-on experience of automotive work and even went to the Sydney Drag Races on a recent excursion.

Aside from mastering the theory to getting his hands dirty with mechanics and vehicle maintenance in class, Josh also recently completed a week-long work experience with Tyre Power Woy Woy. He loved the chance to see what an apprenticeship would be like and was grateful to the supervisor for giving him the opportunity.

“I love auto so much and doing hands-on stuff is great. The work experience made me realise how much I want to do an apprenticeship. I think I’ll do my HSC here - this school has changed my thoughts around that. And once I finish my apprenticeship, I want to work as a mechanic. It’d be great to be able to travel and do that."

In the meantime, Josh is enjoying the diverse activities that are part of daily life at NG Central. He’s participated in the Top Blokes program; an initiative designed to reduce anti-social risk-taking behaviour in young men and support positive mental, emotional, physical and sexual health and relationships. And he’s a big fan of the regular outdoor recreation at sites like Somersby Falls, saying that it’s cool to explore places that are right on your doorstep.

We can’t wait to see Josh take on senior school, while working towards his Certificate II in Automotive. This young man is going places, so watch this space!


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