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Bailey Gets A Job! Meet The Latest Landscaping Apprentice On The Block.

Meet Bailey; construction whiz, landscaper-in-training and all round go-getter!

This Year 11 student recently joined the ranks of our NG Central alumni, when he was hired as a full-time Landscaping Apprentice.

From his first year at NG Central in 2018, Bailey showed that he had tons of talent and enthusiasm when it came to vocational training. Like many of our students, he favoured practical, hands-on learning and skill development.

Bailey was a total natural in the Construction workshop, taking on the VET subject for his preliminary HSC. Earlier this year, he also completed his Certificate II in Construction, with CTQ (Construction Trade Qualifications). Having chosen Construction as his senior VET subject, Bailey was eager to expand his skills and saw the course as an ideal opportunity.

The course ran for 3x days a week for 12 weeks and included work experience and a mix of practical and theoretical learning. He completed tasks ranging from site fencing installation and waterproofing with tarps to building cubby houses and a verandah. But his piece de resistance? As his core project, Bailey worked with the trainers to successfully build a bed from scratch!

“I really liked the course with CTQ because of the trainers and the one-on-one help I was able to get.”

After completing the course, Bailey was more eager than ever to find employment in the industry. When a landscaping apprenticeship was advertised by group training company Trade Staff Australia, he jumped at the chance to apply. The four-year apprenticeship is with employer Vogue Pools; a company that offer residential and commercial landscaping and pool installation. After successfully completing a 3-week trial, he was hired full-time!

Bailey notes that the apprenticeship has been an awesome experience so far, combining construction and horticulture in a varied, interesting way.

“Originally I’d been thinking I’d go into Carpentry, but I’m really glad I gave this a go. When you’re landscaping, you’re using a bunch of skills. Some days, we’re concreting or building retaining walls, others we might be gardening, installing a pool or paving. You can sort of try everything.”

This is Bailey’s first job and he’s taken to employed life pretty effortlessly so far! Vogue Pool services clients in Sydney, Newcastle and the Central Coast, so the work day occasionally kicks off before the sun rises. But he’s handling it like a pro.

“It’s very different to school but it’s good knowing that you put in the work and earn your money. It’s a great team and they’re teaching me a lot. I’m really happy coming to work.”

We’re so proud of Bailey’s fantastic attitude. At NG Central, we strive to help our students find what they’re passionate about. Bailey’s pursuit of his employment goals exemplifies this.

While we’re sorry to say goodbye to him as a student, we’re excited to see him find a life pathway that makes sense for him. Here’s to your bright, purposeful future, Bailey!

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