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Meet Tayla - NGC Graduate Series

Our 2018 NGC graduate Tayla is nothing if not multi-talented.

Throughout her time at NGC, she excelled in and outside of the classroom. Cultivating a passion for everything from English to Automotive, Tayla took every opportunity to grow her skills and follow her aspirations. It was with a huge sense of pride and accomplishment that she graduated Year 12 in 2018.

Graduating high school was certainly a feat Tayla hadn’t previously thought possible. Before transitioning to NG Central in 2015, her time in mainstream education was fraught with academic and social challenges. Struggling with dyslexia, she found that the school environment couldn’t cater to students’ diverse and individual needs. Beyond the classroom, Tayla experienced extensive bullying that was incredibly detrimental to her confidence.

“The dynamic at my previous school was totally different to NGC. The environment was dominated by a “I don’t care about anything” vibe and it felt like many students only attended because of obligation. This attitude greatly affected myself and others. I decided I needed a change of pace, and never second-guessed my choice to go to NGC.”

When asked what made the educational experience different at NGC, Tayla puts it down to the personalised connection students and teachers cultivate and the sense that there is space for every single person to learn and have their specific needs met. She thrived in English, Automotive and SLR/PDHPE, with teachers that helped her master new skills and knowledge with confidence. Along with their expertise in their various subjects, Tayla found that the NGC staff acted as a support network in their own right.

“I was able to achieve great things under the guidance of the teachers - they helped me grow into a lady. They celebrate achievements with you and help to show you how much more you can get from life if you apply the right things. My automotive and SLR teacher was an absolute legend, he helped me become more confident in myself and I will always have the upmost respect for him. To say I miss my teachers is an understatement!"

NG Central’s emphasis on vocational training and practical work really resonated with Tayla. She took to Automotive with gusto, noting that she’d always loved working on cars. Not only did she cite Auto classes as the funnest part of every week, Tayla put her skills to the test through completing a major project of an engine stand. As an extracurricular activity, she pursued further learning and enrolled in an engineering course, discovering a natural talent for welding.

Graduating Year 12 was undoubtedly Tayla’s proudest life achievement to date. She describes it as similar to moving out of home for the first time - slightly overwhelming and scary, but a huge, exciting opportunity that made her reflect with gratitude on her journey and the support she’d received. Never one to stick to only one passion, she’s now pursuing a career goal of being a private investigator. There’s been some bumps in the road, but Tayla has invested in herself, getting a temporary job as a cleaner to pay for the fees of a private investigating course.

“I never thought I’d reach Year 12, but I did and couldn’t have done it without NGC. I passed Year 12, gained a Certificate in Engineering, tackled sobriety and won, taken care of my mental health and gained confidence. I’m slowly getting closer to the goals I set while at NGC and I can’t wait to show the teachers that all the effort they put into me and my education wasn’t for nothing. I am so grateful for everything this school has done to help me."


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