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Meet Jess - NGC Student Spotlight

Look up the definition of ‘go-getter’ in the dictionary and we bet you’ll find a photo of Jess.

Jess has been part of our NG Central family for the last four years, commencing Year 9 with us in 2016. Throughout that time, she has been a conscientious student, an eager learner and a dependable team player.

And now she’s reaping the rewards of her commitment! Not only has Jess graduated Year 12 with flying colours, but she has also sat multiple HSC exams. This is no small feat and we’re incredibly proud of her efforts.

In her time at NG Central, Jess has been no stranger to hard work. Always willing to go that extra mile in and outside of the classroom, she shows up focused, engaged and ready to get the job done. That’s why it was no surprise to us to hear that she excelled during her recent work placement.

Throughout senior school, Jess selected Horticulture as her VET subject and undertook weekly practical and theory lessons. As part of their VET subject, our students are required to complete 35 hours of work placement in their chosen industry.

During her school holidays, Jess completed her placement with Shelley Beach Caravan Park. While she has mastered a lot of Horticulture skills in our on-site garden and green-house, this was a great opportunity to put those into practice in a genuine work environment.

“I’ve been doing a lot of different tasks here, from weeding and raking throughout the park, to seeding, watering and maintaining all the gardens. I’ve also been cleaning and sorting the shed. We’ve been starting at 7am each day until 3pm. It’s been very hands-on.”

To say her supervisor was raving about her, would probably be a massive understatement! Jess couldn’t have received more glowing feedback. Here’s some of what Jason had to say:

“It has been a pleasure having Jess work with me this week. She has a great attitude. She shows up on time every day ready to work and is always respectful. Jess has been showing fantastic initiative; she takes instructions well, so you only have to show her something once and she immediately knows what to do. I will be very happy to give her a reference, any employer would be ecstatic to have a worker like Jess.”

When asked what she wants to pursue after school, Jess says she’d be interested in taking on some horticulture work or perhaps a job in hospitality. Her initiative and can-do attitude means she excels at practical work but could also be in a customer-facing role. Her supervisor Jason suggests that tourism could combine these skills well. Jess thinks she’ll start her after-school journey by meeting with a job agency to see what opportunities can suit her skills and interests.

“Finishing school feels like the end of an era. I have been at NG Central since Year 9. To leave the teachers and other students is actually pretty upsetting because they have been a big support for me. I’m proud that I have finished and that I will sit my HSC exams."

We’re proud of you too, Jess! Congratulations on your graduation and we look forward to seeing you in the future and hearing about your next adventure!

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