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Donate to NG Central

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We know that school is a pathway to a purposeful future.


But many of our students face barriers that make mainstream education challenging. 

At NG Central, we offer an innovative, flexible education pathway that helps young people to overcome these barriers in a positive environment. 


We achieve this through a combination of hands-on learning, enterprising practical work, vocational training and ongoing case management support.


While government funding assists with our operational and staffing costs, the additional, wrap-around support

we provide to our students is entirely self-funded. Whether it's individualised literacy and numeracy tuition,

trauma counselling or even a nutritious daily breakfast, we do all we can to meet the needs of our students.

But we can't do it alone.

Through your generous donations, we can continue to provide intensive support to the most

vulnerable young people in our community. We can give them a new perspective on what it means

to have skills and knowledge. We can help them grow into resilient, confident and innovative

adults who contribute positively to their communities. We can create a legacy.


Can you help us?

All donations are

tax deductible

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Here's what your support can do:

$30 contributes to a daily breakfast for 50 students

$200 contributes to fuelling our school bus, transporting 40 students 

$100 contributes to school clothes, work-wear and trade tools for 1 student

$500 contributes to trauma counselling sessions for 5 students

$1000 contributes to intensive numeracy and literacy support for 2 students

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